Going abroad and mobilization to the Armed Forces: Malyar spoke about the future military registration of women in Ukraine |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Going abroad and mobilization to the Armed Forces: Malyar spoke about the future military registration of women in Ukraine | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine refuted popular fakes about the military registration of women in Ukraine, which should begin on October 1, 2022.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Hanna Malyar, in an interview with TV presenter Masha Yefrosinina on her YouTube channelsanswering questions about the military registration of women in Ukraine, writes UNIAN.

“There is a lot of excitement around this topic, and this is due to the fact that in the spring of 2021, changes to the law on military duty and military service were adopted. Where it is clearly established that women, whose specialties are on the list, are registered for military service. The Law of Ukraine “On Military Duty and Military Service” states that women of a certain list of professions are obliged to register for military service from October 1. But the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense propose to change the wording to “at will”. The Verkhovna Rada must agree to this. Both the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff insist that it should be voluntary. If this does not happen, the law will be postponed for a year,” Malyar explained, adding that there is currently no need to increase the number of women on military registration.

The painter also assured that women with children cannot be forcibly registered in the military and deprived of the opportunity to travel abroad to save their children.

“It was hard to imagine until February 24 that women would take children and take them away from rocket attacks. And here the question arises. If the parents in the family are conscripted and prohibited from traveling abroad, or the mother is a single mother, no one can take the child out in this way. And in this way we encroach on this child’s right to life, because no one can protect it. Therefore, indeed, this issue is very relevant today. We understand that we cannot forcibly deprive women of this opportunity, this right, and even the obligation of motherhood to save this child,” she said.

The deputy minister of defense emphasized that today there is not a single woman in Ukraine who would go to the front by force.

“We live in a very cynical world in which information is a tool for making money. These platforms and people who publish this information, and not only this, which is interesting, which will be posted, for them it is an income. Nothing stops them from spreading any information that harms the state in order to gain more followers even now, during the war. On the one hand, this topic is shaken up by our users, on the other hand, it benefits the enemy, because the more information chaos we have here, the more convenient it is for them to conduct their information operations,” Malyar explained.

Military registration of women in Ukraine: what is known

On October 11, 2021, the Ministry of Defense approved order No. 313 “On approval of the list of specialties and/or professions related to the relevant military accounting specialties, after receiving which women are accepted for military registration of conscripts.”

Journalists, programmers, musicians, restaurant and hotel workers, accountants and many others are included in the list of professions whose representatives will become conscripts. The order applies to Ukrainian women aged 18 to 60.

On January 22, 2022, the Ministry of Defense developed a new version of the order on the military registration of women. In particular, the new order defines 14 specialties and 6 professions, the acquisition and receipt of which requires military registration.

As UNIAN reported, the Ministry of Defense developed and submitted it to the Verkhovna Rada proposals for changes to the law “On military duty and military service” regarding the voluntariness of the decree on military registration of women.

On September 5, the draft law on the voluntary enrollment of women in the military register was passed by the VR committeenow the floor is for the deputies.

As Malyar stated, the experience of deploying all military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations to full wartime staff shows that today there is no urgent need in the country to significantly increase the number of women on the military register. Malyar reported that, at the same time, the Armed Forces still have a need for specialists in medicine, radio engineering, and food technology.

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