"Grain Corridor": 6 more ships left the ports of Ukraine

“Grain Corridor”: 6 more ships left the ports of Ukraine


Today, six more ships with agricultural products left Black Sea ports in Ukraine.

This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Turkey on Twitter.

“The shipment of grain in the ports of Ukraine continues as planned. To date, 6 more ships have left Ukrainian ports”the message says.

We will remind you that on September 1, a ship with Ukrainian grain ran aground in the Bosphorus Strait – the 173-meter dry cargo ship Lady Zehma from Liberia. Three thousand tons of corn are on board. The reason for the grounding is failure of the rudder; the grain carrier was forced to run aground and drop anchor. This is one of the six grain carriers that left Ukrainian ports on August 30.

This morning it became known that the ship with Ukrainian grain was removed from the aground in the Bosphorus strait, it was towed to the parking lot. As a result of the incident, no one was injured.

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