GRU Turns Spy From 'Brazilian' Into 'Drug Dealer' To Bring Him Back From Jail - Bellingcat - Ukraine News, Politics

GRU Turns Spy From ‘Brazilian’ Into ‘Drug Dealer’ To Bring Him Back From Jail – Bellingcat – Ukraine News, Politics

GRU Turns Spy From Brazilian Into Drug Dealer To Bring

The Russian GRU tried to get its spy out of the Brazilian prison, replacing him with one failed legend for another – no less unsuccessful. This is the subject of a new study. Bellingcat and The Insider.

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The investigation of journalists is dedicated to the GRU officer Sergei Cherkasov, who pretended to be a citizen of Brazil.

Cherkasov was reportedly able to successfully obtain Brazilian documents and, under the name of Victor Muller Ferreira, tried to get a job as an intern at the International Criminal Court.

The Netherlands exposed the spy and extradited him to Brazil, a Brazilian court sentenced the Russian to 15 years in prison for using false documents.

According to the investigation of journalists, the Russian authorities, in order to get their spy out of prison, fabricated a criminal case against him on heroin smuggling in order to extradite him to his homeland under this pretext.

However, according to investigative journalists, the GRU fabricated the case so carelessly that, by “copy-pasting” Cherkasov’s name into the materials of a real criminal case ten years ago, “they themselves got confused in the testimony and thereby only once again confirmed their connection with the failed spy.”

In July 2022, Russian investigative authorities requested the Brazilian authorities to extradite imprisoned Cherkasov, who allegedly fled Russian justice and ran a heroin smuggling ring in Russia in the early 2010s.

In support of this, Russia provided Brazil with dozens of pages of incriminating documents and forensic affidavits.

They alleged that Cherkasov was a member of a criminal group that between 2011 and 2013 smuggled drugs from Afghanistan through Tajikistan and sold them through drug trafficking groups in Russia.

Journalists found a number of inconsistencies in the “documents”, which confirm that they were made retroactively. Among the inconsistencies are the conflicting dates of Cherkasov’s “crimes” in Russia and his stay abroad, his unimpeded visits to the Russian Federation during the period when he was allegedly on the international wanted list.

The GRU “documents” also state that Cherkasov confessed to these crimes and asked to be deported to Russia.

“This confession and a request for deportation amused the Brazilian law enforcement officers, since in Russia with such a corpus delicti (CC 229.1, paragraph 4) he could face from 15 years to life imprisonment. In fact, this sudden outburst of unjustified patriotism served as another confirmation of his involvement to the special services,” the investigators concluded.

  • In June 2022, Dutch intelligence claimed to have identified a Russian agent with a Brazilian passport who was trying to infiltrate the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

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