Half of Ukraine turned red; air defense is operating in the Cherkasy region | News of Ukraine


As of the evening of October 23, an air raid alert was announced in a number of regions of Ukraine. Air defense forces worked out in the Cherkasy region, reported head of the regional military administration Igor Taburets.

At 21:27, the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported the threat of enemy drones to the Nikolaev, Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk regions.

Later, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported the movement of Russian drones in the direction of the Kirovograd region.

At 23:18, the Air Force reported a threat to the Cherkasy region.

In parallel with this, there is a threat of the use of ballistic weapons in the Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye regions. Missile danger – for the Poltava and Kherson regions.

At 23:51 Taburets reported about the work of air defense in the Cherkasy region.

After midnight, the monitoring Telegram channel close to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Nikolaevsky Vanyok, reported that the β€œmartyrs” continued to move through the Vinnytsia region towards Khmelnytskyi.

After midnight, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported the movement of attack UAVs through the territory of the Vinnytsia region in a westerly direction. There is a threat to the Khmelnitsky region.

ADDED AT 00:22. Lights out followed. The alarm remains only in Vinnytsia and Cherkasy regions.

  • On the night of October 23, Russia attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones, an unknown type of unmanned aerial vehicle, and an X-59 guided missile. A total of 15 enemy targets were destroyed.

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