Hamas attack on Israel – a participant of the festival near the Gaza Strip spoke about the attack


People tried to hide in the shelter, but the attackers started throwing grenades there, the man recalled.

Sahar Ben-Sela survived the Hamas attack on the venue of the festival in Israel / photo

In an attack on Israel on Saturday, October 7, the terrorist group Hamas killed hundreds of people at the venue of a music festival in the south of the country. Sahar Ben-Sela, who survived the terrible event, described what happened as “the slaughter of animals”.

“It’s like they take all the animals to one place and shoot them all,” he said in an interview with Christiana Amanpour of CNNsitting in a wheelchair in a Tel Aviv hospital.

“Even in the biggest, baddest scene we’ve seen in the movies, I can’t explain how many bullets and rockets were flying around us,” the man shared.

Sahar Ben-Sela spoke about his experience at the festival in Israel, where Hamas killed hundreds of people / CNN photo Sahar Ben-Sela spoke about his experience at the festival in Israel, where Hamas killed hundreds of people / CNN photo

According to him, the policeman ordered the festival-goers to go to the shelter – this call was heeded by dozens of people. However, the attackers began to throw grenades into the shelter and shoot people at close range. The man emphasized that many people died.

“I was hurt… But I couldn’t understand what happened,” Sahar recalled.

The man added that the world should know that “this was a celebration of peace and we did nothing to provoke them.”

“We were just dancing and having fun,” said a man who survived the terrorist attack.

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Hamas attack on Israel: the basics

Early in the morning on Saturday, October 7, militants of the terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel. Thousands of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards the country, hundreds of territorial fighters penetrated into Israeli settlements. Fighters broke through from land, air and water.

It is known that more than 1,200 people became victims of the Hamas attack. According to official data, there are at least three Ukrainians among them.

A music festival was taking place near the border between Gaza and Israel at the time of the attack. According to the Israeli rescue service Zaka, at least 260 bodies were found there. Videos posted on social media showed some participants being taken hostage by Hamas militants. The fate of the vast majority of them is unknown.

The media reports that Hamas has been preparing an attack on Israel for more than a year. Moreover, the day of the attack was not chosen by chance. Militants attacked the country on Shabbat and the Jewish holiday on purpose – to cause maximum damage.

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