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At the same time, the journalist noted that he had no information on whether Russia was behind this Hamas attack.

Serhiy Auslender explained whether Russia has an interest in the events in Israel / UNIAN collage, photo ua.depositphotos.comscreenshot

A Hamas attack on Israel is undoubtedly beneficial to Russia, as this situation can divert the West’s attention from the war in Ukraine and shift it to events in the Middle East. This opinion was expressed by the Israeli journalist Serhii Auslender.

“I have no information whether Russia is behind this attack by Hamas on Israel, but there is no doubt that it benefits them. Because this is the kind of turmoil in the Middle East, and now there is the potential for this to escalate into an even greater escalation, for It is definitely beneficial for the Russian Federation. That is, to divert the attention of the West from Ukraine and switch it to the Middle East, to Israel,” he said on the air of the TV channel “Espresso“.

Auslander also added that Iran cannot be written off. He noted that there were discussions in Israel about the date of signing a peace treaty with Saudi Arabia, and this would be a “fantastic breakthrough.”

According to him, the Iranian factor cannot be discounted in this situation.

“And it is very disadvantageous for Iran. In addition, Iran and Russia can no longer be considered separately from each other,” the Israeli journalist summed up.

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Attack of Hamas militants on Israel: the main

On the morning of October 7, 2023, Hamas militants attacked Israel. Thousands of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip across the country, explosions rang out in many cities, and there is destruction. The CHP plant was also hit.

In response to the militants’ actions, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

As of the evening, it was reported that more than 200 people had died as a result of the bloody attack in Israel. The number of wounded is growing rapidly, according to Israeli media, this number has exceeded 1,400 people.

In the evening briefing, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said that a Ukrainian citizen could have died in Israel. This information is currently being verified.

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