He betrayed his oath and took a company car from a colleague for the needs of the Rosarmy — an ex-policeman from Kharkiv region will be tried |


In April 2022, the operational commissioner of the criminal police sector of VP No. 1 of the Chuguyiv RUP of the GUNP in the region switched to the side of the enemy and voluntarily agreed to cooperate with the Russian military. While in occupied Vovchansk, he assumed the position of “operating officer” in a pseudo-law enforcement agency.

About this informs prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region.

The traitor helped the enemy in every possible way: he patrolled the city, received primary materials regarding the commission of criminal offenses on the territory of the occupied city, and conducted “searches” of local residents.

In addition, last year in June, the traitor, together with the occupiers, took away the official car of his colleague, which he hid in the yard of the house in the village. Bugaivka Having stolen a Ukrainian car, they painted it with the letters “Z” and used it in their “law enforcement activities”.

The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office approved and sent to the court an indictment against a former police officer for treason committed under martial law (Part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The traitor was dismissed from the National Police of Ukraine. He is currently wanted. The accused will be tried in absentia in the Chuguyiv city court of the Kharkiv region.

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