he is a hostage of geography and HIMARS in the South, Volya

he is a hostage of geography and HIMARS in the South, Volya

He said this on the air of the “Espresso” TV channel.

“The situation on the right bank of Kherson Oblast looks like a historical trap for Russia, in this part of Ukraine Putin has turned out to be a hostage of geography and HIMARS. He can no longer jump out of this trap, he has grabbed hold of this region and he has to either hold on and lose over time, or leave and also lose. For Russia, the gradual beginning of the collapse of the right-bank Russian grouping of troops has begun,” Volya emphasized.

According to the political scientist, the liberation of Visokopill is a landmark event.

“With the fall of the Russian defense in Visokopyla, the front line begins to move from the North to the South, from Kryvyi Rih towards Kakhovka. Russia cannot escape from this trap. The trap is that Putin’s war against Ukraine is a historical trap, and in this war it was the Kherson bridgehead that became a military trap that would determine the state of the entire military campaign. It was the Kherson bridgehead that would make the biggest contribution to the demoralization of the Russian army,” Volya emphasized.

  • The armed forces of Ukraine are successfully conducting a counteroffensive in the west of the Kherson region and have gained a foothold on the territory beyond the Siverskyi Donets River in Donetsk region
  • Russian dictator Vladimir Putin said that those forcibly mobilized into the Russian army from the occupied territories of Ukraine fight better than professional soldiers

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