Hero-photographer Volodymyr Myronyuk died in battles with the Russian Federation


Russians killed Volodymyr Myronyuk near Kurdyumivka.

A US citizen who helped show the world the exploits of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died on the front line in Ukraine / photo

Hero-photographer Volodymyr Myronyuk, nicknamed “John”, died on the front line in Ukraine, who helped show the world the feats of the Armed Forces with his photos.

His death near Kurdyumivka (Donetsk region) was reported by Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov Facebook. According to him, Volodymyr died “with a camera in his hands.” “With the footage of the last, most risky report…”, Butusov added.

He noted that Myronyuk was not a professional soldier or photographer, but his photos were seen by many Ukrainians. People often turned to him, trying to find the last photos of their relatives, already dead soldiers from the front line.

During his lifetime, the photographer said that he was not interested in “big money”, he preferred to work “alone”, without a journalist’s license. Myroniuk noted:

“Several times it happened that the only photo that remained of a person on his grave is mine. I feel useful to be there, among them (at the front, among the Armed Forces – UNIAN), and I am proud of it..”

Butusov indicated that Myronyuk was 59 years old at the time of his death. He was Ukrainian, but had American citizenship. For a long time he worked in America as a truck driver. When the Maidan began in Ukraine (Revolution of Dignity in 2014), the photographer returned to Ukraine.

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On August 31, it became known about the death of Samuel Newey, a volunteer from Britain, who defended Ukraine in the war with the Russian Federation for more than a year. He died at the hands of the occupiers in the battles in the east, at the age of 22. His brother Daniel informed about the tragedy.

It was noted that Samuel came to Ukraine as part of the foreign detachment “Dark Angels”. According to Daniel, his brother was outraged by Russian imperialism, so he went to war at the age of 21.

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