HIMARS manufacturer opened the world’s second largest factory in Poland


Photo: inpoland.net

The American military-industrial concern Lockheed Martin has expanded its presence in Poland, opening the second largest production center in the world.

About this said the vice president of the company in Europe, Jonathan Goyle, told PAP.

A factory for the production of American multiple rocket launcher systems HIMARS was opened in the city of Mielec (a city in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship in southeastern Poland).

“The plant in Melka is the second largest production center of Lockheed Martin in the world. The only plant larger than it remains our production in Greenville, USA.” Goyle said.

He also noted that the war in Ukraine revealed the need to invest in weapons, the production of which has not been a priority for NATO for the past 20 years.

“HIMARS systems have proven their effectiveness on the Ukrainian front”, Goyle emphasized.

The deputy chairman of Lockheed Martin also emphasized that the company seeks further development of its activities in Poland and is in negotiations with the Polish Ministry of Defense regarding possible cooperation at various levels. Details of the agreements are not disclosed.

We will remind you that the British defense company plans to manufacture artillery spare parts in Ukraine.

It was also reported that the German concern Rheinmetall intends to open a plant for the production of armored vehicles in Ukraine.

Previously, the Rheinmetall company organized a repair base for Ukrainian tanks in Romania.

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Source: HIMARS manufacturer opened the world’s second largest factory in Poland


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