HIMARS missile strike riddled Russian ZALA drone launcher with tungsten – video – Ukrainian news, Politics


Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance showed the destruction of a Russian occupiers’ vehicle with a trailer, which was probably used by Zala drone operators. A military target was hit by a missile from an M142 HIMARS launcher.

The video was posted on X (formerly Twitter) user-military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the nickname externalPilot. The filming is being conducted, judging by the characteristic β€œstabilization” of the image, by the Leleka-100 reconnaissance drone.

Photos and videos from the UAV show a vehicle hidden in a forest plantation – a GMLRS projectile is definitely hitting it.

Watch the video: The result of attacks by HIMARS shells on Russian Grads is an explosion and scattering of tungsten

There is speculation online that this could be a vehicle with a launcher for Lancet kamikaze drones, which cause a lot of problems for the Defense Forces on and near the front line, but there is no confirmation of this.

β€œI don’t know what kind of transport it was, but the crew of Zala-421 moved on it. They no longer move,” the serviceman wrote.

Zala-421 is a small-sized wing-type reconnaissance drone.



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Source: liga.net


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