HIMARS surface-to-air missiles help change the balance of power in the battle for Donbas - Wall Street Journal

HIMARS surface-to-air missiles help change the balance of power in the battle for Donbas – Wall Street Journal

HIMARS reactive salvo fire systemUS Department of Defense

The American HIMARS rocket launcher systems, which are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the battle for Donbas, are already beginning to change the balance of power. The Russian invaders still have an advantage in artillery, but now it is not so critical.

This was reported by Ukrainian military personnel familiar with the situation, v interview by The Wall Street Journal.

NASAMS and missiles for HIMARS: the US allocated a new package of military aid to UkraineIn addition to air defense and ammunition for MLRS, Ukraine will receive a large number of shells for 155 mm artillery in the new package
July 1, 2022, 10:50 p.m

So, the publication managed to talk with the commander of the artillery battery Valentyn Koval. The officer said that last week his unit received HIMARS installations, after which the situation changed in favor of the Ukrainian military. On the very first night, his unit successfully hit the fortified positions of the occupiers with six rockets, inflicting heavy losses on them.

MLRS operators say that HIMARS makes it possible to deliver effective and highly accurate strikes deep into the territory controlled by the occupiers, virtually without risking machine calculations.

“These HIMARS are very strong. They allow us to insert sticks into the wheels of the occupants as much as possible. This is a huge advantage for us. There is nothing like it in Russia.” – summarized Koval.

We will remind you that the NSDC believes that the military aid provided to Ukraine by Western partners is still categorically insufficient to achieve parity on the front with the Russian occupiers.

The OPU noted that it will take from one to three months for the transfer of weapons from the allies to Ukraine. Two factors influence this process: bureaucracy and the amount of equipment in warehouses.

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