Holobutsky about the murder of Chastyakov and the safety of Zaluzhnyi


Sad news: General Zaluzhny’s aide, Major Gennadiy Chastyakov, was killed by a grenade explosion at his home in the village of Chaika. His 13-year-old son was seriously injured.

The news is all the more unfortunate because it continued a very unpleasant chain of events: a lot of negativity on the Central Committee and attempts to discredit it from various levels; the appearance in the Western media of theses about the confrontation between the civil and military authorities of Ukraine; active promotion of this topic by hostile publics; sudden dismissal of the SSO commander without consultation with him and the Central Committee; and now — the death of Zaluzhny’s assistant.

Someone can point out that the way in which Major Chastyakov died is too demonstrative – and mention demonstrative massacres of undesirables in Russia itself. Others have already focused on the obviously and demonstrably damaged relations of the Central Committee and the Verkhovna Rada together with the team and on “rating jealousy” against the background of talks about the need for elections. There are very few people who immediately believed in “an accident – a grenade in a gift with a bottle and glasses happens.” There are many more who could not decide for themselves which version to accept.

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But purely from a political point of view (and from the point of view of political technologies) it is in the interests of Zelenskyi (in the context of both domestic politics and relations with foreign leaders) to do everything and a little more so that such cases do not happen again with the Central Committee, staff of the General Staff, heads of important units .

Because if the “chain of troubles”, God forbid, will be continued by at least something… This will definitely have a very, very negative impact on Zelenskyi’s domestic rating, public trust in his team, and his authority among allied leaders…

The logic is so transparent that it is also obvious to the enemy. Do you think that the FSB will not try to ensure the continuation of the link for the sake of these consequences?

So the safety of the officers of the State Security Service, the Central Committee and their entourage (and their families, of course) should already come to the fore in the authorities. It is logical. But it is not a fact that appropriate decisions will be made.


About the author. Oleksiy Holobutsky, political scientist

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