Holobutsky: Putin has a heart attack. Exhale, a miracle will not happen


And precisely because of treachery, I am 99.9% sure that the ears of the Kremlin and the FSB are sticking out from here. Justify.

1. Ukrainians are forced to forget about the hard work of the Armed Forces and special services, to forget about the no less difficult work of all of them in the rear, to keep the economy and the state afloat. They make us forget about the enormous efforts and expenses of the allies. And hope exclusively for a miracle: everything will immediately become wonderful, you just need to dig up one ugly dwarf. Do you think it is normal and productive to hope not for yourself, not for the Armed Forces, not for allies, not for the economy, but for one random, unlikely event that does not depend on us in any way?

2. This is, in fact, the same thesis that the FSB has been broadcasting through “Russia Today”, “Sputnik”, “good Russians”, “persecuted fugitives from Russia” since February 2022: “only Putin is to blame, no one else.” Well, how can we blame the Russians if everything will be fine without Putin alone?

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But the mastermind of the attack is not the evil bastard Putin. Russia has been trying to destroy us for more than 300 years – Putin was not in the project even then. That in 2003 (Tuzla – haven’t you forgotten yet? And then it was the third year of Putin’s first term), that in 2014, that in 2022, Putin simply fulfilled the order of at least 80% of Russians – who were waiting “to finally take on these Bandera people and punish them for the audacity to live better” and now they approve of the war.


Well, and one more moment: everyone has already made sure that Putin has a supply of doppelgangers. And this is normal not only for dictators, but in general for political leaders of states in difficult circumstances. That is, I even assume that there really was a call from the doctors for “Putin’s heart attack”, it’s just that the line was cut from the full version “Putin’s heart attack #*”. In general, they did not name the number or call sign of Putin on duty, who was attacked.


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