Honorary citizen of Kharkiv Oblast Yaroslavskyi receives almost 17 thousand per month from the budget: the city council reacted |


The well-known Kharkiv businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi receives money from the budget of the Kharkiv region as an honorary resident of the region

About it on the air Espresso said a deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council Galina Kutz.

“Yaroslavsky is an honorary citizen of the Kharkiv region. There, the stipend is UAH 16,750 per month. It is given if a person individually applied for a scholarship,” she said.

Kuts added that Yaroslavsky applied – he received more than UAH 100,000 from the regional budget in half a year.

“He gets this scholarship, and it’s also an interesting situation – why? For example, Akhmetov, who is also an honorary citizen of Kharkiv Oblast, does not receive this scholarship, while Yaroslavskyi does,” the deputy concluded.

Also on your Facebook page Halyna Kuts names a few more surnames: “The lifetime stipend for an Honorary Citizen of Kharkiv currently amounts to over UAH 30,000 per month. And the question arises whether Alla Aleksandrovska’s name is in the list of persons who receive these payments. She has this status, she is known for her pro-Russian views, she spoke at the Kharkiv Anti-Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity. Rumor has it that she is somewhere in Russia. Do they give her a scholarship from the budget of the front-line city, that is, from our taxes? If provided, the next question will be: how are these funds sent to her and where?

Another question arises regarding athlete Yana Klochkova. Yes, she is an honorary citizen of Kharkiv, she is an Olympic champion. But then again, does she get paid? Because there are rumors that Klochkova currently lives in Crimea.”

The reaction of the Kharkiv City Hall

As the Mayor of Kharkiv Ihor Terekhov stated, the priority now is to work on the restoration of Kharkiv, support its vital activities and help the defenders of Ukraine.

“Kharkiv mayor Igor Terekhov long ago gave the order to carefully analyze the list of honorable citizens of Kharkiv, and after the victory unworthy people will be removed from it. The list of honorary citizens is long, ambiguous and was created collegially by the body of deputies for many years in a row,” says the message on the website of the city council.

The Mayor’s Office quotes Terekhov: “Individual representatives of individual parties are trying to draw attention to themselves and their political power by any means possible, bringing to the public sphere issues that are not directly related to the defense of the city and the restoration of Kharkiv. However, in the conditions of war, such a broad discussion is impossible and unnecessary. It only destabilizes public space and plays into the hands of the enemy, and this cannot be allowed. It is even more wrong to take away the title on the sidelines. It is enough for us that many people were awarded this way in their time. As the mayor, I believe that everything in Kharkiv should be done only with the consent of the citizens. Both I and the deputies of the city council are obliged to listen to everyone and listen to everyone’s opinion.”

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