Horoscope for December 25: Peace to Capricorns, Taurus

Horoscope for December 25: Peace to Capricorns, Taurus

Find out what the stars predict for Catholic Christmas.

Horoscope for December 25 / photo ua.depositphotos.com Horoscope for December 25 / photo ua.depositphotos.com

Astrologers compiled a horoscope for all signs of the Zodiac for Sunday, December 25. Yes, the stars say that this day will be quite busy. What awaits you – read in the UNIAN material.


The stars predict rest, reflection, summing up the year, household chores and family disputes. Do not broadcast negative energy.


Taurus will be able to go on a new adventure. It can be both a banal trip to the other end of the city and a trip abroad.


Gemini is destined to spend December 25 in good company. Perhaps friends will come to their home, or they will decide to visit someone close to them.


Cancers should be wary of provocations. They may try to get rid of you on this day, but it is important to keep your composure and not become a victim of manipulation.

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Leos will be busy solving work and love issues at the same time. Yes, at work they will have to do many things at the same time, make reports, schedule, plan something, and in their personal life they will need to resolve misunderstandings with their partner.


Virgos should be more careful. Especially if it concerns signing important documents, driving, transferring funds, and so on.


Representatives of this Zodiac sign will receive some very happy news from their loved ones. Perhaps they will want to come to visit or please with something else.


For Scorpios, the day of Catholic Christmas promises some disappointments. Any work


Representatives of this sign should save themselves from heavy thinking about problems. It is important, at least during the holidays, to leave these sad thoughts behind.


Capricorns will spend Sunday calmly, relaxed, without upheavals. They will spend the whole day on household chores and other festive concerns.


Astrologers predict contact with relatives for Aquarians. They can either go to their relatives or make a video call with them.


Pisces should not conclude any agreements, sign papers or make loud promises on December 25.

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