How Diana Panchenko - Medvedchuk's propagandist became the mouthpiece of the occupation

How Diana Panchenko – Medvedchuk’s propagandist became the mouthpiece of the occupation

There she will be a war correspondent who will tell about the other side of the conflict. And in fact – to compete with Yulia Chicherinia, who went crazy a long time ago. And Tetiana Montyan — in the distant past, a well-quoted lawyer, but now a laughing stock, who acts as a “witness” of the Russian Federation in the UN Security Council about how Ukraine “bombed Donbass for eight years.

Diana Panchenko is my age and had a chance to repent for all her black narratives on Medvedchukiv channels. It is not difficult at all and has been proven by the persons of Max Barskyi, Luna, Nadia Dorofeeva and Katya Kuznetsova – who often not only earned money in the Russian Federation, but also lived there for a long time. They came out to people, repented for tours, shootings and stupid interviews since 2014 – they got a second chance.

However, the pro-Russian propagandist became a substitute for that grandmother with the red banner of victory, whom Kremlin propaganda carried around in the first month of the Great War and made monuments out of. Diana Panchenko is a young substitute for at least some explanation of the invasion of Ukraine for the Western audience. He said, “look, not everything is so clear-cut.” That there are people, popular stars, who support the opinion that this is a Russian land since the time of Peter I.

Panchenko is a vivid example of why certain cities in our country are obsessively labeled as “cotton and pro-Russian”. During 8 years of active work on television, Diana repeatedly talked about how she would like to go to St. Petersburg and Moscow. And how the law on the Ukrainian language annoys her. Because our “pillar noblewoman” and her mother from Mykolaiv suffered greatly, “as now it will be impossible to express thoughts in a clear language and make orders in Russian in a restaurant.” It is interesting how it was for Diana and her relative to see Mykolaiv bleeding, how drinking water was a luxury there for many months, and the townspeople kept to themselves the worst scenario – to quickly seize Odessa and take control of the Black Sea. Did she take her mother with her to Donetsk? Did this mother teach schools and hospitals – in which the ZSU could be located? Ask the sea, because because of such quilters among us, millions of people have lost their homes and are huddled in the houses of strangers somewhere in Britain.

Diana Panchenko was not worried about the war, genocide and another massive missile strike. She was sick of the lessons of Ukrainian literature, in which the children wrote works about serfdom, the Holodomor, and the three-hundred-year Russian occupation.

“Everyone has always spread rot about us, and Russia is to blame for all our problems. We were always unlucky, because there was Russia and thank God that I am not a Muscovite. This is some kind of flawed patriotism, ”the love of the potential Gauleiter Yevgeny Muraev said about him.

І for the control postrilu — Diana wrote as early as February 24: “My Ukraine was not taken away from me on February 24. And 8 years ago. Introducing quotas for the Russian language. Eliminating the heroes of childhood. Making you feel like an extra person, a black sheep, a non-citizen.”

Who does one have to be to have Lenin, Stalin and Pavlyk Morozov as heroes at the age of 33? Actually, that’s why her move from relatively peaceful Kyiv to occupied Donetsk was logical. The ideal Ukraine in her understanding is ORDLO with Denys Pushylin at the head. Therefore, there is every chance to see her as the press secretary of this state criminal, or Mademoiselle may lead some “Novorossiya TV:. But despite the fact that Diana managed to escape from Ukraine and end up in occupied Donetsk, and not in a Ukrainian court, there is no need to envy her. We saw very clearly on the example of Kostiantyn Stremousov that collaborators, even very systematic ones, always have one path – to the cemetery. And if the emphasis is on ORDLO, then Mozgovy, Zakharchenko and Zhilin also found their prosperity. To hell in the cauldron.

Panchenko made her debut with the first propaganda film about Mariupol. It was disgusting for me to look at the ruins of the city, but I bought it – and this product completely fits into the new strategy of Russia and Putin. And its meaning is as follows – it may happen that we cannot hold the South, but the captured Donbas must be held. So that Putin could show off on public holidays: “yes, we lost our guys, but the freedom-loving people of Donbass were protected.”

In a propaganda film, Diana gathers a group of grandmothers who tell how they stubbornly do not want to return to Ukraine. That President Zelenskyy is interfering with the “Minsk Agreements”. And that the tragedy in Mariupol was not caused by the terror of the Russian occupiers, but by the “arrogance of the Kyiv authorities and government.” And all of Ukraine, which resolutely rebuffs the Russians, is simply “Zelensky’s current Ukraine.”

Not so long ago, British intelligence wrote about a plan for a lightning seizure of Ukraine and the division of the entire population into four groups. Where especially disloyal group A – participants of the Revolution of Dignity – would be the first to be shot before August. There, great hopes were placed on the fanatics of Russia – and I have a clear confidence that Diana Panchenko would walk around Babyny Yar and Bykivna and report on fresh graves. That they are enemies of the people punished for the Maidan and the Russian language. For Donbas and beloved Murayev.

It’s a good thing that God didn’t give Diana Panchenko such intelligence and flair as the odious propagandist Skabeeva – but at least she made a fortune and has a number of real estate in Moscow. And, therefore, he knows what he is fighting for. He did not give her such an animal intelligence as Svitlana Kryukova from Strana, who often played along with the Russian Federation, but always understood the dangerous red line. And it’s not even Natasha Vlashchenko – a master of changing shoes in the air, who is currently actively pulling “good Russians” into Ukrainian YouTube.

Murayev’s favorite could have fallen to the bottom in Vienna, like her master. But the pro-Russianness of the bone marrow defeated everything. And Diana goes to her end and future professional and life obituary with the speed of light. But it is at least honest — to be with your convictions to the end. Instead of getting a job on a single telethon with an imitation of great love for the Armed Forces. Whether to look for new areas. Now employees of Medvedchuk channels are actively sending resumes to IT companies. Because they pay money there. Well, in principle, you can lie on the bottom – until some semblance of a news item is discovered again.

At least Diana did not betray herself – to be a cotton wool until the end. And take a place between Chicherina and Voenkor Kotyonka Z. While there is a chance to hype up a little. And live until you are thrown away like a deflated rubber doll for comfort.


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  1. Hello to Ukraine,
    I was confronted with a video of Diana Panchenko on Youtube, which a notorious – private? – propagandist posted in a long-lasting discussion in comments of a Telegram-channel about twisted views and lies of ruzzian propaganda.

    I couldn’t figure out/translate what Panchenko’s POV is – I am not wondering anymore.

    You are publishing for an English-speaking audience, it would be great if you use links in your articles for to get cross-references and with these infos mainly to persons, who are not (not yet!) commonly known.

    Power, love and peace for Ukraine!

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