How much does it cost, how and where to buy a dedicated server


Reasons to rent or buy a dedicated server maybe a lot. Some people need high performance, others put forward increased requirements for site security, and for others the ability to customize the server plays a role. All this can be a significant factor in deciding whether to buy or rent a dedicated server.

What is the cost of renting a physical server?

Server rental available at different prices. However, it is important not to chase a low price: such an offer may result in negative consequences in the form of loss of all data.

The cost of renting a physical server cannot be low. To lease a server to a client, the provider must first buy it. He will also need to purchase network switches, routers, cables and redundant Internet channels. Significant expenses are incurred on uninterrupted power supply and air conditioning, engineering work on setting up and debugging all components, salaries of technical personnel and more.

The server rental price can be low only if the provider has saved on all components. But there is no need to talk about reliability and efficiency here.

What to consider if you need to buy a dedicated server


When expanding their business, the company may consider buy a dedicated server. When purchasing equipment, it is placed in an office or data center, the enterprise controls it completely independently, and responsible employees receive unlimited access to its resources.

Having made a decision buy a dedicated server, it is important to take into account the specifics of a particular company. What to pay attention to:

  • the number of processor cores plays an important role for virtualization;
  • CPU frequency will be a decisive factor for working with databases;
  • the more RAM, the better;
  • HDD drives are needed for “cold” data, SSDs are needed for “hot” ones.

A server may have the necessary characteristics, but will perform poorly if the build quality is poor. Only equipment from trusted brands can ensure reliable operation.

If purchasing equipment is not yet possible for financial reasons, the best solution would be to rent it. This option is also suitable for those companies that need a physical server only for a short period of time. You can rent a dedicated server at a competitive price from the Deltahost company. To ensure the high quality of the service, you can use the test period. The manager will help you choose the optimal server parameters for the client’s requests.

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