How much does the restoration of Kharkiv Oblast cost?  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

How much does the restoration of Kharkiv Oblast cost?

In Kharkiv Oblast, work on the restoration of infrastructure damaged by the enemy does not stop. The priority is to restore life support facilities.

All critical infrastructure that we could restore is already operational. All 100% of the planned boiler houses have been launched – 518 of them. So far, about 80% of electricity supply has been restored, and about 75% – gas supply in the de-occupied territories, says HOVA head Oeg Synegubov

950 million hryvnias were allocated from the reserve fund of the state budget for the restoration of damaged critical and residential infrastructure. Work has already been completed on 461 objects.

Also, the list of facilities for restoration includes schools, institutions of higher education, kindergartens, multi-apartment housing stock, administrative buildings, and medical facilities. Currently, work on replacing windows, doors, repairing the roof, facades, and engineering communications is actively underway.


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