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There is probably no more masculine piece of clothing than a leather jacket. It gives the image expressiveness and power. Moreover, it is extremely practical – it protects against wind and cold.

Stylish leather jackets for men Tรผrkiye today offers to buy at a favorable price. Contrary to appearances, these are clothes that are not only suitable for motorcyclists or pilots. This is the perfect complement to casual and smart casual style. With its help, you can achieve various aesthetic effects – create an outfit for a club or a date, as well as a semi-formal business meeting. The secret to success is choosing the right style.

Types of leather jackets

The leather windbreaker features a classic cut – a long straight cut, adjustable cuffs, several spacious pockets and a collar that can be adapted to a stand-up collar. This is a very versatile style that is suitable for riding a motorcycle, meeting with friends or shopping. Comfortable and free, it does not restrict movement.

The most popular black biker jackets are ideal for informal outfits. They are combined with:

  • jeans;
  • muted T-shirts with round or V-necks;
  • sweatshirts, hoodies and jumpers.

However, you can safely experiment with prints on T-shirts. The biker jacket looks great with heavy leather boots and comfortable sneakers. For rockier styles, a leather motorcycle jacket pairs better with a plaid flannel shirt.

The cafรฉ racer style is much more versatile than a leather jacket. Most often it can be seen with a stand-up collar (with buttons or a buckle) and practical pockets.

On cool and cold days, a leather bomber jacket is definitely the best option. More spacious than a biker jacket or a cafรฉ racer, with large pockets. You can easily wear even a thicker sweater underneath. Typical of a leather bomber jacket are cuffs at the waist and sleeves. It is sometimes lined with sheepskin, so it also makes an excellent cover for mild winters.

What to pay attention to

When choosing a leather jacket, you should consider not only the cut, but also the material. TT-turk stores offer leather jackets made from high-quality ecological leather, which has many advantages. First of all, this material is strong, durable, flexible, waterproof and perfectly imitates natural leather. So if you want to have some โ€œskinsโ€ in your wardrobe to create fashionable and masculine styles, leather jackets are a great choice.

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