How to protect a SIM card from fraudsters

How to protect a SIM card from fraudsters

About this reports official Facebook of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine.

First of all, the State Intelligence Service explained whether fraudsters can really use the function of remote recovery of a SIM card?

“Fraudsters can actually get access to your phone number to use it in the future to implement their criminal plans: to access online banking, to hack social media profiles, etc. The SIM card can be tried remotely, without the knowledge of the real owner, “restore ” at the operator. This is dangerous, especially when it comes to a financial number “tied” to bank cards. The Cyber ​​Police of Ukraine recently reported such a case,” the State Special Communications Service writes.

What signs may indicate that your number is in the field of view of criminals:

  • unknown people top up your mobile account several times for small amounts,
  • you are persistently called from various unknown numbers for trivial reasons. In no case do not call back if you missed such a call.

Thieves need all this in order to give correct answers to operators’ questions in the future.

How to further protect your phone number:

  • Prohibit or limit the possibility of remote replacement of the SIM card at the mobile operator.
  • Become a personalized subscriber. Register your number with the operator. Then any procedures with a SIM card can be performed only after confirming the identity using a passport.
  • Take care of the security of the financial number. Do not make it publicly available on any web pages, do not use it for online shopping, do not share it with strangers.

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