How Ukrainian kamikaze drones destroy Russian infantry, weapons and equipment – video | News of Ukraine


128th separate mountain assault brigade published video of the destruction of Russian equipment, weapons and personnel using drones.

“Video evidence of the effectiveness of the skillful use of kamikaze drones against the equipment, weapons and manpower of the Russian army using the example of operators of a company of attack unmanned hardware systems of the 128th separate mountain assault Transcarpathian brigade,” the caption to the video says.

The footage shows the destruction of the “Loaf” (all-wheel drive minibus), the crew of the AGS-17 (automatic mounted grenade launcher), the Fagot ATGM (anti-tank missile system), the ATGM (anti-tank guided missile), as well as infantry “in shelters, trenches, crevices, “in the open air,” noted the 128th Brigade.

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