Hungary may be deprived of payments from the EU - the European Commission

Hungary may be deprived of payments from the EU – the European Commission


The European Commission on Sunday, September 18, recommended not to allocate 65% of funds to Hungary under three programs from the key EU fund due to problems with the rule of law. It is about the amount of about 7.5 billion euros.

This is stated in the statement European Commission.

“Today’s decision is a clear demonstration of the Commission’s determination to protect the EU budget and to use all available tools to achieve this important goal”– said Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Budget.

“It will not be possible to sit down”: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to Szijharto’s statement about the weakening of the EU due to the war in UkraineThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that Russia’s attack on Ukraine is an attack on the entire democratic world. And Hungary hopes in vain that it will be possible to sit out, and pretends that the war in the neighboring country does not concern it.
September 2, 2022, 4:07 p.m

It is noted that the commission proposes to freeze up to 65% of payments under three main programs from the EU “balanced development” fund. The reason for such a decision is a violation of the principles of the rule of law.

The commission submitted its proposals to the European Council, which must make a final decision within a month. This requires a majority vote of the member countries.

It is worth noting that Hungary became the first country in the European Union to be audited under the new rules that allow the EU to punish members for creating financial risks.

Since April 2022, the European Commission has been looking for violations of the rule of law, including cases of corruption, during the more than ten-year period of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s time in power. At the end of August, she sent her report to Budapest.

Hungary undertook to remedy the situation and inform the Commission of the implementation of key implementation steps by November 19.

We will remind that the European Parliament no longer considers Hungary a democracy.

Earlier, the Minister of European Affairs of the Czech Republic, Mikuláš Bek, said that Hungary’s exit from the European Union is theoretically possible. The reason for this was the country’s latest actions.

It also became known that Rosatom will build two nuclear reactors in Hungary.

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Fuente: Hungary may be deprived of payments from the EU – the European Commission

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