I am pleased with the new wave of hysteria in Russia.  It's a random bomb.  And it will explode - Ukrainian news, Politics

I am pleased with the new wave of hysteria in Russia. It’s a random bomb. And it will explode – Ukrainian news, Politics

Let’s talk about management.

The managerial collapse funnel is a state of the system in which any decision aimed at preventing catastrophic consequences leads to even more catastrophic consequences.

That is, any solution designed to save the state of affairs achieves a purely opposite goal. The classic story of any control system that loses control.

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When you hear about the bankruptcy of yesterday’s successful companies, the failure of video game development projects, or the loss of the obvious favorite of the war, this is the result of a chain of managerial errors.

How do they arise, these errors?

Due to the need to make a large number of decisions in the face of limited information, resources and a broken feedback system.

In conditions when you build an authoritarian hyper-centralized system of governance based on loyalty and corruption, the feedback system is the first victim. That is why the collapse of all dictatorships is usually so fast, epic and, at first glance, unpredictable.

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The collapse of such systems and their individual institutions – the army, the apparatus of coercion, propaganda – is unpredictable precisely because it happens completely instantly on a historical scale.

In fact, this is exactly what we are now seeing in Russia.

Just for us, months or even a year or two is a long time. Historically, this is a moment.

And now this hysteria and the possible mobilization of society in the Russian Federation for the sake of a DECISIVE VICTORY OVER UKRAINE AND NATO is the introduction of such a random variable into the equation of the Russian regime that it will not stabilize the system, but will lay an absolutely exclusive random bomb under it. And she will explode.

Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe in a year.

And yes. Three months ago, I considered our entry to the lines on February 24, 2022 a great victory. Now I understand that my friend and journalist Pavel Kazarin will show me his favorite places in Crimea even before retirement.


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