I think they will be implemented, it’s a matter of time


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, commenting on the agreements reached the day before in the United States with American President Joseph Biden, said that the issue of their implementation is only a matter of time.

The head of state, first of all, expressed gratitude to the United States for the military assistance provided.

“With all due respect to all our allies, the United States is providing the largest share of assistance. The assistance that our warriors on the battlefield on the front line really need at this moment,” he said at a joint press conference with the Canadian prime minister in Ottawa on Friday.

Asked whether during the conversation Biden promised to send long-range army tactical missile systems to Ukraine, Zelenskyy said that “we are discussing different types of weapons, including long-range weapons and artillery, 155 mm artillery shells and more, various assistance, including air defense systems.”

At the same time, according to him, comprehensive discussions and work are underway with the United States at different levels.

“We have cooperation at the level of security advisers, at the level of defense ministers and at our level, this is a separate bilateral type of relationship at the presidential level,” he noted.

“I believe that most of what was discussed yesterday with President Biden, I think it will be possible to reach agreements and they will be implemented. Yes, it is a matter of time. Not everything depends on Ukraine. There are different processes, I’ll be honest. The sooner (Ukraine will receive long-range weapons), the fewer people it will lose. This is a fact,” Zelenskyy said.

The president of Ukraine also stressed that Russia cannot be allowed to divide opinions in the world.

“I understand that Russia, for its part, is spreading disinformation, spreading its narratives everywhere. It is working with society, trying to influence politicians, public institutions, different political parties, different NGOs, many from different countries of the world. They are working very hard. They are pouring billions into this. That is a fact. This is to divide Europe, divide the US and divide the whole world,” he said.

Fuente: interfax.com.ua


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