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Air defense forces destroyed 20 suicide bombers at night. Several of them were shot down in the Khmelnitsky region

Andrey Vodyany

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Air Force - about the night drone attack: Among the targets were Kherson and Starokonstantinov Photo: Anatoly Shtefan / Facebook

Kherson and Starokonstantinov were among the targets of today’s Russian air attack, Air Force spokesman Yuri Ignat said on the air of a single telethon on Sunday morning.

Nine UAVs were shot down over the Odessa region at night, where this led to a serious fire in one of the settlements.

Ignat told where the other drones were flying.

“Today we saw serious work of air defense in the Kherson region. In Kherson there was a fall of fragments of attack UAVs, today it was in Kherson that part of the kamikaze drones was sent. The city of Starokonstantinov became a symbol of the destruction of martyrs. The enemy today sent part of the UAVs in this direction,” – he said.

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The head of the internal and information policy department of the Kherson OVA, Alexander Tolokonnikov, said on the air of a single telethon that the debris of downed kamikaze drones that attacked the Kherson region that night damaged a building, an office building and a service station.

Press center of Khmelnitsky OVA reportedthat two suicide bombers were shot down in the region at night. The debris of one of them damaged a private house, causing the roof to catch fire.

The Air Force spokesman also suggested that the Russians’ heavy use of drones suggests they are getting them from both their own industry and Iran.

Source: liga.net


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