In 2022, a record number of explosions occurred in the Russian Federation over the past 10 years


About this write Russian edition “Verstka”.

If you believe the data of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, which the publication investigated, this is a record number of explosions on the territory of the Russian Federation in the last 10 years. For example, 8 explosions were recorded in 2013, 20 in 2021, and 83 in 2022.

The statistics of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for 2022 included explosions of residential buildings, warehouses, mines, as well as the explosion on the Crimean bridge. In addition, the ministry takes into account explosions that occurred as a result of fires. But the most common cause of explosions is an explosive object, that is, a bomb, rocket, mine, grenade, etc. Explosions for this reason accounted for 55 out of 83 cases per year.

During the year, as a result of such events in Russia, 55 people died, and 10,647 were injured.

The publication believes that such an increase in the number of explosions is directly related to the war.

  • Where there was fire and explosion in Russia during the first week of August – read here.
  • On the morning of August 9, a powerful explosion rang out at the optical-mechanical plant in Serhiyiv Posad, Moscow Region, Russia



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