In August, the Armed Forces destroyed $1.2 billion worth of valuable Russian equipment.


Three Russian airbases and two locations of air defense and radar systems were attacked.

Russia lost four Il-76 transport planes / photo MT Anderson

At the end of August, Ukraine carried out a series of successful attacks deep in the rear of the Russians. In particular, three Russian airbases and two locations of air defense and radar systems were attacked.

In two weeks, Russia lost two Tu-22M3 bombers, four Il-76 transport planes, a S-400 Triumph launcher and a Predel-E radar, writes Forbes.

The cost of the Tu-22M3 strategic bomber can be determined according to the international contracts of the Russian Federation. In the early 2000s, Russia signed agreements to supply Tu-22M bombers to India and China. The cost of one Tu-22M3 aircraft is estimated at $294 million. This is one of the most expensive aircraft in the Russian Federation. The cost of one Il-76, four of which were destroyed, is $86 million.

Also, the cost of one S-400 launch vehicle in the Turkish contract is about $69 million, and the newest Russian over-the-horizon surveillance radar (radar station) “Predel-E” costs $200 million.

Destruction of Russian equipment

On the night of August 30, the military airfield in Pskov was attacked by drones, and a large-scale fire broke out. Russia said that four IL-76s were damaged, later this information was confirmed.

On one of the routes, the Ukrainian defenders destroyed military equipment and equipment of the Russian invaders worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Two “Murom-P” video surveillance complexes, which the Ukrainians call the “eyes of Mordor”, were destroyed and the occupiers’ radar station, called “Predel-E”, was “destroyed”.

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