In Belarus, they plan to conduct a mobilization with the help of SMS – opposition


In Belarus, the repressive apparatus plans to summon local residents to military commissariats using SMS.

About this informs Center of national resistance.

Β«The repressive apparatus of the Belarusian KGB plans to mobilize with the help of SMS. Thus, according to the plan of the hostile Lukashenka regime, citizens can be notified of the need to appear at the military commissariat, using an SMS message“, the post says.

They note that they can be summoned by notification both in the event of a mobilization announcement and for mobilization preparation measures.

Communication operators will be obliged to send SMS messages based on lists from the military commissions and the KGB. In addition, they will have to provide information on the numbers of citizens who are on the military register or are required to be on it within a week at the request of the military commissariat.

Earlier it was reported that part of the Russian military continues to be in Belarus, but new units are not arriving and their total number is not increasing.

Meanwhile, in the Luhansk region, the Russian invaders began to mobilize full-time students.

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Source: In Belarus, they plan to conduct a mobilization with the help of SMS – opposition


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