In Brazil, a military operation was launched against gangs of drug dealers


About this informs The Guardian.

This week, 600 Air Force personnel will be deployed to Rio de Janeiro Airport and Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo.

More than 1,000 navy personnel will work at the container ports of Rio and Itaguaia in Rio state and the port of Santos in Sao Paulo state, where, according to Brazilian prosecutors, huge amounts of South American cocaine are shipped to Europe each month.

Meanwhile, 2,000 troops are stepping up operations along Brazil’s western borders with Paraguay and Bolivia, through which much of the marijuana, cocaine and weapons smuggled into Brazil flow.

Announcing the military operation last week, Lula said the federal government intended to help Brazil “get rid of organized crime, gangs, drug and arms trafficking.”

The newspaper notes that “armed to the teeth” gangs have stepped up their efforts in recent months. For example, late last month, a group known as “milicias” brought traffic to a standstill in much of western Rio de Janeiro, setting fire to dozens of buses and trains to prevent the arrest of one of the city’s most wanted mafia bosses.

And in early October, three doctors were shot near a five-star beach hotel – later it turned out that he was allegedly mistaken for a criminal authority from another gang.

In addition, drone photos released by the police of armed drug traffickers conducting guerrilla-style training in sprawling favelas near Rio’s international airport sparked public outrage.

  • On November 24, the Colombian military seized 10 tons of cocaine worth $300 million from the rebels.
  • On April 18, the police found 2 tons of cocaine in the sea off the coast of Sicily, and on May 16, a record shipment of cocaine weighing 2,734 kg was found and confiscated in Italy, which was being transported from Ecuador to Armenia via Georgia.
  • In mid-June, law enforcement officers found 1.6 tons of cocaine worth more than 120 million pounds in the Port of London.
  • In July, Italian authorities seized a record shipment of cocaine weighing 5.3 tons, which was transported by ship off the southern coast of Sicily.
  • On August 10, customs officers discovered 8,064 kilograms of cocaine in the port of Rotterdam – the largest consignment of drugs ever seized in the Netherlands.
  • On August 17, a Moscow court acquitted those accused of smuggling more than 470 kilograms of cocaine.
  • On August 24, it was reported that representatives of Europol, together with law enforcement agencies of Croatia, Italy, Spain and Serbia, seized 700 kilograms of cocaine and arrested several suspects of involvement in the so-called Balkan cartel.
  • On August 26, the Spanish police seized a record batch of cocaine in the port of Algeciras – 9.5 tons of the drug were found in a transport container from Ecuador among boxes of bananas.



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