In Crimea, a Ukrainian journalist was sentenced to 13 years in prison


On October 6, the occupying “Supreme Court” of Crimea sentenced journalist and volunteer Serhii Tsyhipa to 13 years in prison.

The hearing was closed, but Russian propagandists informed the journalist about the verdict and published his photo from the meeting, reports Correspondent.

According to the journalist’s wife, lawyers are preparing an appeal.

It is noted that Serhii Tsygipa is a journalist and writer from Novaya Kakhovka, who was held captive by the occupiers for a year and a half.

He was kidnapped for his active pro-Ukrainian position and journalistic activity.

Thanks to his efforts, a mass event of civil disobedience was held in the city. Tsygipa was also actively involved in volunteer activities.

After his arrest on March 12, 2022, communication with him was interrupted, and his relatives did not know where he was or what happened to him for some time.

Later, they learned from a propaganda video on Russian television that he was in captivity.

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