In Dnipro, Schmidt Street "Forever" Has Become Stepan Bandera Street - Mayor Filatov's Statement - Ukrainian news, Regional news

In Dnipro, Schmidt Street “Forever” Has Become Stepan Bandera Street – Mayor Filatov’s Statement – Ukrainian news, Regional news

The City Council of the Dnipro finally approved the renaming of Schmidt Street in the city center to Bandery Street. Wrote about it in Facebook head of the city military administration Boris Filatov.

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“In short, one of the central streets of the Dnieper, Schmidt Street, has become Stepan Bandera Street today. Now forever,” he wrote.

According to the mayor, back in 2015 he promised a friend, the founder of the Right Sector movement Dmitry Yaroshperpetuate the name of a politician, one of the ideologists of the Ukrainian nationalist movement of the 20th century.

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He recalled the slogan of the nationalists – “The will of the people! The will of the people!”

“Probably, in the entire history of mankind, the meaning of the existence of free people has never been formulated so briefly and succinctly. Freedom, and only freedom, is what is worth fighting for. Not for autocracy, not for leaderism, not for restricting the rights of citizens. For Freedom,” he said.

Earlier, Filatov announced that the issue of renaming 45 toponyms would be considered at the City Council session on September 21.

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