In Donetsk region, the Russians killed three civilians and wounded 10 in a day

In Donetsk region, the Russians killed three civilians and wounded 10 in a day

This was reported by the head of the Donetsk OVA, Pavlo Kyrylenko telegram.

On the night of October 22, they shelled the territory from Vugledarska to Lymanska hromada. In the Volnova direction, the Russians set Novoukrayinka on fire and damaged two houses. They also attacked the outskirts of Vugledar and Pavlivka. People were not injured.

There are no victims in the Donetsk direction, but there is destruction. Occupants damaged the high-voltage network in Kurakhivska OTG and left Gostre without electricity. Avdiyivka came under isolated shelling at night and massive artillery shelling in the morning. There were flights in the area of ​​the coke-chemical plant and the depot. The extent of destruction is established.

On the Horlivskyi direction, the Russians hit the Mayorsk station of the Svitlodar community. There are no victims.

Mass shelling of Torskyi and Zarichnyi in the Lymansk community continues on Lysychanskyi. The number of victims and the extent of destruction are being ascertained.

“It is dangerous to stay in Donetsk region! Evacuate in time!” – emphasized Pavlo Kyrilenko.

He used to reported about those killed and injured by Russian shelling on October 21.

Thus, three civilians died in Bakhmut at the hands of the Russians within a day. Ten others were injured.

In total, during the full-scale war, the occupiers killed at least 1,073 civilians of Donetsk region, and wounded 2,451. This is without taking into account the victims in Volnovas and Mariupol, where it is currently impossible to calculate their exact number.

  • On October 20, invaders killed two civilians in Donetsk region. Nine bodies of those killed during the occupation were also found in the liberated territories of Donetsk region.

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