In Great Britain, they believe that Putin is failing all military-strategic tasks in Ukraine

In Great Britain, they believe that Putin is failing all military-strategic tasks in Ukraine

The president of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin, is failing in the war against Ukraine. He did not achieve any strategic and military goals of his own. However, the war is likely to drag on for a long time, despite the recent successes of the Ukrainian military.

Admiral Tony Radakin, Chairman of the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of Great Britain, stated this in an interview BBC.

“At the very beginning, we said that this was a strategic mistake by President Putin, and strategic mistakes lead to strategic consequences. And in this case it is a strategic failure. Putin will fail in all his military and strategic goals, he wanted to subjugate Ukraine, this will not happen. He wanted to take control of the capital, we saw that he was defeated before. We saw that he wanted to weaken NATO. Now NATO is much stronger, Finland and Sweden are joining us”– said Radakin.

Russia increased the number of missile strikes on Ukraine due to failures on the front – British intelligenceOver the past week, Russia, facing setbacks on the front line, has increased the number of strikes on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.
September 18, 2022, 10:25 am

According to him, the Russian army has always had problems with equipment and does not have enough manpower.

“His powers are weak on earth. And we also see the wonderful Ukrainian armed forces showing courage, fighting for their country and benefiting from the international support that we all provide.”– added Radakin.

At the same time, according to Radakin, despite the fact that the problems of the Russian Federation are increasing, the probable result at the moment is that the war will continue for a long time.

It will be recalled that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Putin. He told him that now was not the time for war.

We previously reported that more and more deputies in Russia are calling for Putin to resign.

In addition, the Armed Forces continue to fire heavily at enemy positions along the entire front line – in particular, inflicting significant losses on the Russians in the Avdiiv direction.

The Institute for the Study of War reports that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are expanding their positions east of the Oskol River and north of the Siverskyi Donets River. The Ukrainian military can surround the Russian troops stationed around the Liman.

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Fuente: In Great Britain, they believe that Putin is failing all military-strategic tasks in Ukraine

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