In his address, Zelensky talked about the agreements reached in Romania


Photo: Office of the President of Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelenskyi paid an official visit to Romania today.

On the way back to Ukraine, the head of state recorded a speech in which he talked about the agreements reached in Bucharest.

“A very high-quality visit to Romania. Fruitful. Meetings with President Iohannis, the heads of chambers of the Romanian Parliament, with deputies, the Prime Minister of Romania. There are good arrangements for weapons. I can’t reveal everything now, but the shells are a plus, the air defense enhancement is a plus. We are still preparing some things. A pilot training center for the F-16 is being created in Romania, and Ukrainian pilots will be among the first to be trained.” – said the president.

In addition, Zelenskyi said that during the negotiations, the leaders of the two countries noted that they were “moving to the level of strategic partnership.”

“This political wording has a very clear meaning. As President Iohannis told me, we can count on Romania. Romania can definitely rely on Ukraine.” – added Zelensky.

Highlights from the President’s evening address:

  • Together, we will significantly strengthen our region. We are already making a critical contribution to global food security through cooperation in the Danube ports and the eastern Black Sea. There will be more cooperation.

  • We are expanding our transport corridors, there will be more jobs and economic opportunities. Today, the presidents signed a joint statement outlining how we will move forward.

  • Soon we will open a new branch of the railway through Moldova, which will become a new transport corridor. Together with Moldova, we are also moving towards the start of negotiations on EU membership – with the full support of Romania. I am grateful for that.

  • In the Parliament of Romania, the majority is for us. Government of Romania – already in the coming weeks we are preparing a joint meeting of government officials of Ukraine and Romania. I am grateful to President Iohannis, the entire Romanian political class and society.

“Our strategic relations are a new force for the entire Black Sea region. If we manage to implement everything that we have planned now and what our teams will work on, a new source of economic and security development will appear in this part of Europe.” – stressed the Ukrainian leader.

It will be recalled that during his visit to Romania, Zelenskyi announced the start of the new grain corridor.

From the “Word and Deed” infographic, you can find out what other countries the president visited during the full-scale war.

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Source: In his address, Zelensky talked about the agreements reached in Romania


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