In his address, Zelenskyi commented on today’s de-occupation of Klishchiivka


Office of the President

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked the soldiers who took part in the liberation of Klishchiivka in Donetsk region, as well as everyone who protects the Ukrainian sky and fights on the front lines.

This is stated in the evening address of the head of state.

“Today, I would like to pay particular attention to the soldiers, who step by step are returning their own to Ukraine, precisely in the Bakhmut region. The 80th Brigade of the Special Forces, the 5th Separate Assault Brigade, the glorious 95th and United Assault Brigade of the National Police “Lyut”. Tick! Well done!”– said the president.

The main points from the address of the Ukrainian leader:

  • I want to thank you today. To everyone who protects the sky of our state. To our Air Force pilots and engineers, soldiers of mobile fire groups, all our anti-aircraft fighters. Thank you for constantly increasing the number of downed Russian missiles and drones, and therefore the number of our people and infrastructure saved. Thank you, warriors! And to everyone who is now on the front line. To each brigade.

  • Today, Ukraine celebrates the Savior’s Day. And on Friday, the day before, I had the honor to personally thank the employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and all those whose hearts simply feel that there is no other way, that one must take care of others, one must help others when life depends on it. Today I want to thank not only all our rescuers, but also all relatives – mothers and fathers of boys and girls, men and women who work in the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. I thank you for the fact that your children are brought up in this way: to save others, to make our whole society stronger and more humane. Thank you!

  • Today – and this is a very symbolic coincidence – Adoption Day is celebrated in our country. This is probably one of the most honorable missions in life – to help a child avoid the fate of an orphan. To everyone who helps children in this way, to everyone who spreads the warmth of their family so that there will be fewer lonely fates in this world – thank you all!

We will remind, the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces officially confirmed the liberation of Klishchiivka in Donbas.

Earlier, Zelenskyy spoke about the preparations for the second half of September, which will be marked by both external and internal events in Ukraine.

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Source: In his address, Zelenskyi commented on today’s de-occupation of Klishchiivka


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