In Hungary, they do not agree with the accession of Ukraine to the EU due to the “threat of war”


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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, PΓ©ter SzijΓ‘rtΓ³, claims that Ukraine will “bring war to the European Union”, so the country is “not suitable for EU membership” yet.

He said this on Wednesday, November 8. write Portfolio.

The Hungarian official said that as a result of Ukraine’s accession, the war “will enter the European Union, which no one wants”, so the country allegedly cannot be accepted into the EU until peace is established.

In addition, Sijarto accused Ukraine of “violating EU principles regarding national minorities.”

“The manner in which Ukraine violates the most fundamental rights of the EU regarding the rights of national minorities is particularly egregious. And since, according to the EU’s assessment, Ukraine has not fulfilled the conditions for membership, we do not believe that any further progress on the issue of accession negotiations with Ukraine is timely.” – he said.

At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary supported the discussion of the future policy of the European Union towards Ukraine, but stated that at the moment, due to the war in Ukraine, there is supposedly “no media freedom, no freedom of speech, no elections.”

Sijarto also noted that EU expansion should begin with the Western Balkans.

It will be recalled that on November 7, a representative of the Hungarian Prime Minister stated that Budapest may block the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union until the requirements regarding the language of education for national minorities are met.

Ukraine handed Hungary a road map for resolving issues related to national minorities.

In July, Hungary opposed the EU’s plan to create a long-term support fund for the armed forces.

Earlier, SzijjΓ‘rtΓ³ said that Hungary will continue to block EU military aid to Ukraine.

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Source: In Hungary, they do not agree with the accession of Ukraine to the EU due to the “threat of war”


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