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The defense forces continue to knock out the air defense of the Russian occupiers on and near the front line: in the last 24 hours alone, three enemy Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems were defeated. About it reported in the evening report of the General Staff.

β€œUnits of the missile forces destroyed three Buk-M1 air defense systems and five enemy artillery weapons,” the statement said.

The extent of damage to the systems is not indicated.

In addition, during the day, the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out five more strikes on Russian air defense systems (the result has not been reported), two strikes on control points, and 12 strikes on areas where the invaders’ personnel, weapons and military equipment are concentrated.

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Over the same period of time, the Russians launched eight missile strikes and more than 50 air strikes, and carried out 22 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems on positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and populated areas (including Kharkov).

According to an aerial reconnaissance officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the nickname @externalPilot, who saw footage of the destruction of one of the air defense systems in recent days, β€œThe Buk-M3 is a special treat.” The video will probably be posted later.

beech m3 is a special delicacy

β€” external pilot (@externalPilot) September 16, 2023

The serviceman writes that the air defense system was hit by a missile from an M142/M270, and the system was corrected by a Shark drone.

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