In Kharkiv, a drunk driver failed an alcohol test: “Drager” went overboard |


On the evening of November 25, patrol officers stopped an Opel car on Heroiv Kharkiv Avenue. During the conversation, the police found signs of alcohol intoxication in the driver.

This was reported in the UPP of the Kharkiv region

The citizen agreed to undergo an on-the-spot examination for intoxication using a Drager gas analyzer. The device showed the result in the form of three vertical arrows, which signaled that the device exceeded the limit measurement.

The inspectors drew up an administrative report on the Opel driver under Part 1 of Art. 130 (driving a vehicle while intoxicated) of the Criminal Procedure Code, which will be referred to the court in the future.

Over the past day, patrol officers discovered 26 drivers who were driving vehicles with signs of intoxication.

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