In Kharkiv, officials are awaiting trial for fake establishment of a disability group


The investigation established that in April of this year, the head of one of the Kharkov district MSEKs issued a fictitious medical certificate on registration of the second group of disabilities.

He drew up a false official document regarding the “examination of a sick” man in the latter’s absence and established the second group of disabilities, reports press office prosecutor’s office in Kharkiv region.

The head of the MSEK made this certificate on the order of the registrar of the medical regional MSEK No. 4 KZOZ “Regional center of medical and social expertise”, to whom clients directly applied for registration of a fake “disability group” on a turnkey basis.

It was she who, for money, organized the process of issuing falsified documentation in medical institutions of the Kharkiv Region. In the future, this contributed to the fact that clients – men of conscription age – evaded mobilization or went abroad. As previously reported, law enforcement officers exposed the registrar.

The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office approved and sent an indictment against her to the court on the fact of receiving an illegal benefit for herself for promising to influence the decision-making by a person authorized to perform the functions of the state (Part 2 of Article 369-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The trial is ongoing.

Now the head of MSEK is awaiting trial.

The indictment against him will be considered in the Moscow District Court of Kharkiv.

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