In Kharkiv, the couple illegally blocked access to the river bank: the case is going to court


There is a two-story building with outbuildings on Lazkivka-Luzhok Street in Kharkiv.

The said homestead and the plot of land on which it is located belong to a resident of Kharkiv who lives together with a roommate under the right of private ownership. informs prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region.

In 2019, a woman and a man decided to “enlarge” the territory and built a fence on both sides within the preserved protective strip of the Kharkiv River, arbitrarily occupying an adjacent plot of land.

The area of ​​illegally seized land was 770 square meters. m.

The actions of the man and woman make it impossible for other people to freely access the river bank, which is contrary to the requirements of the law.

Thus, in accordance with the requirements of the Water Code of Ukraine, citizens are guaranteed general water use, including unhindered and free access to the shores of reservoirs.

In addition, the coastal protective strip belongs to the lands of the water fund and cannot be in private ownership.

Arbitrary occupation of a plot of land caused damage to its legal owner – the Kharkiv City Territorial Community.

Currently, the Kyiv District Court of Kharkiv has opened proceedings in the case.

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