in Melitopol, women poisoned 11 occupants with moonshine


Allegedly, several types of poison were mixed into the drink so that there was no chance of survival.

In Melitopol, the occupiers poisoned themselves with moonshine /

In Melitopol, “unknown women” poisoned 11 Russian invaders with moonshine. The case is being investigated by the so-called “police” controlled by the occupiers.

As reported “Ria Melitopol” citing insiders with ties to the occupation police, a company of 11 soldiers bought moonshine from two women who introduced themselves as locals. About half an hour after the feast began, all those who drank this alcohol died.

“11 Rashists went to the front row for Kobzon’s concert almost simultaneously, literally 15 minutes later. At first it was suspected that the moonshine was of poor quality, but then it turned out that “several poisons were added to it at once”. They had no chance to survive.” – the message says.

“Law enforcement officers” began looking for moonshine heroines, but it turned out that they disappeared immediately after they sold alcohol to the military. As should have been predicted, the occupiers suspect “saboteurs” or local “supporters of Ukraine”. However, the occupiers do not even hide that the local residents, to put it mildly, are not happy with the Russians.

“In Melitopol, it’s generally rough. Many boys complain that they are not liked here. Some even directly tell them: they say, the Ukrainian army will come soon, and you’re welcome. One of them could have poisoned the boys,” says the source.

Counteroffensive in Zaporozhye

Earlier, military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko noted that the Ukrainian military could reach Tokmok in the Zaporizhzhia region already in October. After that, according to him, everything depends on the behavior of the occupiers, who can show a “gesture of goodwill” and escape from Tokmak. At the same time, he excludes the option of a frontal assault on the city by Ukrainian troops.

ISW analysts also noted that the Russian invaders have recently reduced the pace of offensive actions on the Kupyansk-Svatov-Kreminna line.

This, in their opinion, indicates that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is distracting Russian forces from this direction and significantly weakening Russian offensive efforts.

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