In Moscow, flights are canceled en masse and Kyiv station is evacuated – UNIAN


More than 20 flights were canceled in the Russian capital, another 19 were delayed – the reason is unknown.

In Moscow, the train station is evacuated and flights are canceled / photo

Flights are being canceled en masse in the Russian capital. In addition, the evacuation of the Kyiv Vozkal in Moscow is underway.

This is reported by the propaganda publication TASS. It is noted that the Kyiv station in Moscow is being evacuated due to reports of an explosion threat. He is being examined.

At the same time, flights are canceled and delayed en masse at Moscow airports. The reason is unknown.

“About 23 flights were canceled and 19 were delayed in Moscow on the night of September 3, according to the data of the Yandex Schedule service. According to data at 0:26, 6 flights were canceled at Vnukovo Airport, 5 more were delayed, 6 flights were delayed in Sheremetyevo. In Domodedovo 8 were detained, another 17 were cancelled,” the message reads.

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On September 1, Russian schoolchildren were forced to listen to the national anthem while standing on their knees. It happened in Krasnoyarsk school #45. It is noteworthy that neither teachers nor parents saw anything strange in this.

In addition, Russians began to take mass insurance against “cotton”. Thus, starting from July 2023, citizens of the Russian Federation insist on the inclusion of “sabotage” risks in their insurance policies. Surcharges for drone attack insurance range from 500 Russian rubles to 5,000 rubles.

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