In Nikopol, the air alert lasted 11 hours  Espresso

In Nikopol, the air alert lasted 11 hours Espresso

About this reported the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council, Mykola Lukashuk.

According to Mykola Lukashuk, the Nikopol district was shelled five times during the night of August 20-21, and the air alert there lasted 11 hours.

“At midnight, the occupying forces of the Russian Federation hit Nikopol with barrel artillery. Rescuers extinguished three fires that arose as a result of shelling. One of them occurred at an industrial enterprise, the equipment and the roof of the building were damaged there. One private house was destroyed by debris. A school was damaged, and almost two dozen private houses and farm buildings, nine-story and five-story buildings, cars, power lines, gas pipelines and water pipelines,” said the head of the DOR.

During the night, the Marganets community was attacked several times from Hradiv and RSZV. Power lines were damaged in Marganets itself.

The occupiers also attacked Myrivska TG, where five residential buildings were damaged. One of the villages currently has no mobile phone service.

There was also unrest in the Kryvorizka district. The enemy shelled the territory of the Apostolivska community. There, the hangar of an agricultural enterprise was damaged. The occupiers also hit the border territories of the Zelenodol TG.

According to preliminary data, there are no dead or injured in the Nikopol district.

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