In Russia in 2022, there was a record number of explosions in 10 years – mass media


An explosion in Moscow on the night of July 30Channel 24 collage

Last year, a record number of explosions occurred on the territory of Russia, almost 11 thousand people were injured. More than fifty became victims.

This was reported by the Russian Telegram channel “Verstka”, referring to the annual report of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation.

“In 2022, Russia recorded the highest number of explosions in ten years – 83. As a result of the explosions, 55 people died, and another 10,647 people were injured.” – said in the message.

At the same time, the channel notes that, “despite the fact that in the last ten years there have been terrorist attacks in Russia, and residential buildings have been destroyed due to a leak of domestic gas, the number of explosions annually did not exceed 20, and the number of victims was calculated in hundreds, not thousands.”

“In 2022, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, residential buildings, warehouses and mines exploded. The explosion on the Crimean Bridge was also included in the statistics. The most common cause of explosions in 2022 is an explosive object (bomb, rocket, mine, grenade – ed.)”Verstka specified.

According to calculations, explosions in Russia due to explosive objects were 55 out of 83.

“Thus, the increase in the number of explosions in 2022 is directly related to hostilities”– concluded the Russian portal.

We will remind you that recently explosions have become more frequent throughout the territory of Russia. “Cotton” is reported in various cities, including Moscow. Explosions are heard almost every week in the occupied Crimea.

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Source: In Russia in 2022, there was a record number of explosions in 10 years – mass media


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