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A curfew has been imposed throughout the African republic of Sierra Leone after armed men broke into prisons and freed prisoners. About it BBC reports.

Sierra Leone’s Information Minister Chernor Bah said prisoners were freed during the attack on several of the country’s major prisons.

“Major detention centers, including Pademba Road Prison, were attacked today and in the interest of protecting the lives of civilians (including prisoners), security forces were forced to make a tactical retreat,” the minister said.

Before this, there was an attack on army barracks in the capital Freetown. Civilians reported that gunfire was heard in the barracks area, which is located next to the presidential residence.

After this, a curfew was introduced throughout the country. Residents are strongly advised to stay at home; all flights at the country’s only international airport have been cancelled.

The attackers were driven back to the outskirts of Freetown, Bah said. “Most of the city is calm and under the control of state security forces,” he wrote.

A military source told the BBC that some of the attackers had been arrested, including a bodyguard for former President Ernest Koroma.

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