In six months, Prigozhin will either die or start a new coup


Putin wants him dead, the investigator believes.

Prigozhin was officially “sent” to Belarus / Screenshot

In six months, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Russian private military company “Wagner”, will either die or raise another mutiny.

Investigative journalist Hristo Grozev made such a prediction in an interview Financial Times. He said he suspected a coup attempt the night before because they recorded an “explosion” of phone traffic between high-ranking Russian military personnel.

“Putin appeared on television and called Prigozhin a traitor. Everyone knows what they do with “traitors,” but Putin didn’t do it. He wants to see him dead. He can’t do it yet. In six months, Prigozhin will either die or there will be a second coup.” , – he said.

The investigator does not believe that any part of the Russian elite, with the exception of the military-industrial complex, sees the sense in the war against Ukraine. “They don’t speak out because it’s a prisoner’s dilemma. They don’t want to be the first or the only ones,” Grozev believes.

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According to the journalist, Putin can be overthrown in one of two scenarios. “Either the prisoner’s dilemma will be removed, or they will simply get rid of him through a more coordinated coup. So far, it is not among the oligarchs, nor among the ministers, nor in the FSB. But for the rest of the elite, living in the conditions of North Korea 2.1 with frozen bank accounts is not desirable. They can other events will also happen. Let’s say a change in fate at the front,” Grozev added.

The fate of Prigozhin after the coup: what is known

Officially, the Russian authorities allowed the leader of the PMK and his mercenaries to go to Belarus to “share experience” with the soldiers of the Republic of Belarus.

Lukashenko assured that Prigozhin will not be “wet somewhere tomorrow”. At the same time, the CIA advised the militant not to fire his taster.

The secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine believes that Putin himself approved the coup in order to purge the army.

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