In temporarily occupied Donetsk, the propagandist Dubovoi was crushed in a road accident


About this informs Russian RIA “Novosti”.

“Soldier Gennady Dubovy died in a road accident in the center of Donetsk. According to the deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR Vladyslav Berdychevskyi, Dubovy went to pick up flowers and was hit by a car,” the message reads.

It is known that the traitor was 56 years old. The Russians write that during his “service” to the occupiers, he managed to take part “in all the battles of Novorossia, except for the Debaltsev operation (due to injuries at the airport).”

Recently, Dubovy has been involved in the spread of Russian propaganda, as a “military leader of the DPR”.

Dubovy was the editor-in-chief of the so-called newspaper “Voice of the People – Voice of the Republic” β€” the publication of the “DNR” terrorists. In particular, he covered the activities of the unit of the deceased militant Arsen Pavlov with the call sign “Motorola”.

A Ukrainian journalist and blogger commented on the news about the propagandist’s death Denis Kazanskyi:

“DNR propagandist Gennady Dubovy died in the center of Donetsk. Before the war, he was a Donetsk journalist, then he became a warmonger, incited hatred, called for war and murder of Ukrainians, glorified Motorola and other cannibals and degenerates. Dubovy died in the best traditions of professional new Russians. He was crushed Russian military by car. Right in the very center, in front of the ODA building. At the intersection of Artem St. and Shevchenko Boulevard. He fought with the people of Bandera, and as a result he was smeared on the asphalt by “liberators” who rush through the city center at excessive speeds and regularly crush people. And that’s how they always are.”

As reported separatist Pavlo Gubarev, propagandist Dubovoi was crushed in the center of Donetsk by the commander of the commandant regiment of the so-called DPR Vyacheslav Snitkin.

  • On September 5, in the temporarily occupied territory of the Luhansk Region, during a special operation of the SBU, the head of “LPR Customs” and an agent of the FSB’s central apparatus Yuri Afanasyevskiy were blown up.



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