In the Black Sea, a ship of the Romanian Navy almost blew up on a drifting mine

In the Black Sea, a ship of the Romanian Navy almost blew up on a drifting mine

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In the Black Sea yesterday, September 8, a drifting mine almost blew up a ship of the Naval Forces of Romania.

About this write Reuters.

It is known that the Navy knew about the mine and sent a ship to neutralize it. However, due to strong wind and waves, the ship came across a mine and it blew up. At the time of the explosion, 75 servicemen were on board. The ship was not damaged, the crew was not injured either.

It is worth noting that the mines in the Black Sea began to float after the invasion of the Russian troops into Ukraine. As of September 9, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine have neutralized 28 mines in the western waters of the Black Sea.

We will remind you that one fifth of the territory of Ukraine is contaminated with mines, shells, and unexploded aerial bombs. Since the beginning of the war, the pyrotechnic units of the State Emergency Service have already detected, removed and neutralized more than 180,000 explosive objects.

It was also reported that the Russian invasion led to the mass death of dolphins in the Black Sea. The prosecutor’s office opened a case on the fact of ecocide and sent requests for international legal assistance.

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