In the Chinese province of Zhejiang, 1 million new cases of COVID are registered every day

In the Chinese province of Zhejiang, 1 million new cases of COVID are registered every day

It is reported Reuters.

“It is estimated that the peak of the disease in Zhejiang will occur earlier, with a period of high incidence around the Lunar New Year, when the daily number of cases will reach 2 million,” the local government said in a statement.

It is also noted that among 13,583 cases when patients were admitted to the hospital, one patient had severe symptoms caused by COVID, and another 242 cases of severe and critical condition were caused by concomitant diseases.

China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that despite these figures, the country has not reported any deaths since Friday. It is noted that nationwide data on morbidity in China have become incomplete, as the National Health Commission has stopped reporting cases of asymptomatic disease. Currently, the government only reports deaths caused by pneumonia and lung failure.

  • On Saturday, November 26, protests began in China’s most populous city, Shanghai, against severe restrictions due to COVID-19. The protests started because of a fire that happened on Thursday, November 24, in the city of Urumqi. 10 people died as a result of the fire. Local residents believe that the tragedy happened because part of the high-rise building was blocked due to coronavirus restrictions.
  • During mass protests against quarantine measures, rally participants began to demand the resignation of the leader of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping.
  • On December 1, it was reported that China would announce an easing of restrictions due to COVID-19, which have sparked mass protests in the country for the first time since Xi Jinping came to power.
  • China announced sweeping changes to its national response to the pandemic on Dec. 7, the clearest and most significant sign that the central government is moving away from the “zero-coronavirus” policy that has sparked protests across the country.
  • China’s health care system is under pressure, the country is preparing for another peak of infections with the COVID-19 virus.

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